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Did Mr Beast Start an Online Casino? The Full Truth!

Did Mr Beast Start an Online Casino? – Could your favourite YouTuber, MrBeast, really have jumped into online casinos? Rumours flew that MrBeast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, might have launched a casino app named “The Beast Plinko.” But this story was quickly proven false and called out as a scam.

In May 2024, Meta was caught in a major controversy. They had approved scam ads on Instagram, even though they knew. These ads wrongly told users that MrBeast had started an online gambling venture through a fake app. Neither the Apple App Store nor Google Play Store has this app, and MrBeast has never backed any gambling apps.

Did Mr Beast Start an Online Casino

Fraudsters used deepfake tech and AI to make fake endorsements from famous people. This list included Laura Coates, Laura Ingraham, and others. They tricked users into visiting pseville.fun, a fake site designed to look like real app stores. This raised big red flags about how deceptive the digital world can become.

Key Takeaways

  • The rumour of Mr Beast entering online gambling is entirely baseless.
  • Scam ads used deepfake technology and AI-generated vocals to deceive users.
  • High-profile personalities were falsely attributed endorsements of the fake app.
  • No such app exists on either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Users should be vigilant and verify the legitimacy of online offers to avoid scams.

The Origins of the Mr Beast Online Casino Rumour

Online gambling scams are getting smarter with new technologies. In May 2024, Meta let scam ads onto Instagram. These ads pushed a fake casino game named “The Beast Plinko”. It was wrongly said to be linked to YouTuber MrBeast.

Deepfake Technology and AI-Generated Vocals

The scams used deepfake technology for fake but real-looking videos. They made it seem like well-known people like Laura Coates and Sean Hannity backed “The Beast Plinko”. This app does not exist. The ads wrongly said it would bring quick money.

Key Personalities Involved in the Scams

Well-known figures were used to make the scam look real. Faces like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Andrew Tate appeared in the fake videos. Even MrBeast was copied in a deepfake, making it look like he supported the app.

This bogus app directed victims to a fake site, looking much like the Apple App Store or Google Play. Clicking on it could harm users and their devices. Such sophisticated scams show we must be more careful online.

Debunking the Myth: Did Mr Beast Start an Online Casinio?

Many people ask if Mr Beast has started an online casino. It’s key to rely only on proven facts. There’s no solid proof to say MrBeast has ventured into online gambling.

Mr Beast’s Official Stance

Mr Beast has made it clear: he’s not involved in any online casino games. This includes no backing for “The Beast Plinko.” He hasn’t shared anything about starting such a venture. If he did, he’d definitely tell us through his usual channels.

Evidence From App Stores

Looking into the Apple App Store and Google Play, there’s no app linked to Mr Beast and gambling. This shows we should watch out for fake sites like pseville.fun. They look real but can trick you and even steal your money or info.

We should trust app stores and what Mr Beast says to avoid gambling scams. With tech tricks like deepfakes, it’s crucial to stick to trusted sources for online casino info. Always choose safety first and go to reliable websites.

Feature Detail
Casinos with Licensing Gambling Commissions of Malta and the UK
Security Measures Advanced encryption technology
Gameplay Elements Free Spins, Rapid Table Games, True 3D experience
Player Benefits 50% cashback for unlucky streaks, monthly reminder emails

In the end, it’s clear Mr Beast has no ties to any online gambling activities. This thorough look helps us understand there’s no truth to the rumours.

The Real Mr Beast and His Business Ventures

Mr Beast, or Jimmy Donaldson, is famous not for online casinos, but his real business projects. He’s all about innovation and making a difference. His work shows his commitment to positive change.

Mr Beast’s Known Ventures

His standout projects include charitable work. He gives away money, cars, and gadgets. These generous acts are often featured on his YouTube channel, showing his dedication to helping others. They reflect his beliefs in sharing wealth and helping humanity, instead of online gambling involvement.

Entrepreneurial Initiatives

Beyond charity, Mr Beast has built a merchandise brand. It offers clothes that fans love. He also invests in tech startups, pushing for new ideas. These efforts show he’s a true forward-thinker in business, not just a name in online gambling myths.

Here’s a comparative overview of Mr Beast’s notable ventures:

Venture Description
Philanthropy Distributing cash prizes, cars, and electronics.
Merchandise Line Popular clothing items branded with his logo.
Tech Investments Collaborations with tech startups promoting innovation.

His ventures are far from online gambling, showcasing his real business efforts. His projects aim to spread positivity and inspire the youth to embrace entrepreneurship.


The story of MrBeast’s alleged online casino app offers a lesson in digital scam awareness. It shows how the reputation of celebrities, like MrBeast and Dwayne Johnson, can be misused. Scammers used deepfake videos and AI audio to make fake endorsements. These fake promotions led people to a suspicious site, pseville.fun, claiming it was a legit app store.

The spread of these lies shows why we must be alert online. There is no MrBeast casino app on major app stores. MrBeast himself confirmed he’s never backed any gambling app. Many have been tricked by these false claims, proving it’s vital to check facts first.

If you’re caught in a scam, helpful advice is available from the FTC and the BBB. In times like these, being cautious and skeptical is key. It’s up to us to think critically and make smart choices online. Awareness is our best defense against digital scams, including the fake MrBeast casino app.


Did Mr Beast start an online casino called “The Beast Plinko”?

No, Mr Beast didn’t start “The Beast Plinko” online casino. It’s a scam using deepfake tech and AI to promote a fake app.

How did the rumour about Mr Beast starting an online casino begin?

The rumour started with scam ads. They used deepfake tech and AI for fake endorsements by celebrities, tricking people into believing Mr Beast supported the app.

What kind of technology was used in the scam ads?

Scam ads used deepfake tech and AI for realistic visuals and voiceovers. They made it look like Mr Beast and celebrities endorsed the fake casino.

Who were some of the key personalities involved in the scam ads?

Scam ads wrongly showed support from Laura Coates, Laura Ingraham, and Sean Hannity. They also used stars like Dwayne Johnson and Andrew Tate to boost the fake app.

Has Mr Beast made any official statements regarding the online casino rumour?

Yes, Mr Beast confirmed he’s never endorsed or been part of any online gambling apps. No trustworthy source links him to such activities.

Is there any proof of “The Beast Plinko” app existing in major app stores?

No evidence exists of “The Beast Plinko” app in app stores like Apple or Google Play. It’s not linked to Mr Beast.

What are some of Mr Beast’s known business ventures?

Mr Beast is famous for giving back, selling merchandise, and investing in tech startups. He focuses on helping others, entertainment, and business, avoiding dubious areas like online gambling.

People should be wary of unbelievable claims lacking real proof. Always check facts with reliable sources to avoid scams, especially those about celebrity-backed gambling apps.


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